The Communal Tribe

The Communal Tribe

There are so many talented creators out there. The sheer number of amazing models that they create is staggering. They create what they love, and you love what they create!

You wish you were able to get all of the models, and give something back to all of those creators,

but unfortunately, you can't.

Your paycheque only goes so far, and you have to spend most of that on grown-up things, like rent and food. You'd like to be able to spend it all on models, terrain pieces, props, and all the other cool things that having a 3D printer and an obsession with nerdy hobbies allows you to do, but life says no, and so you're limited to just getting a handful of new models to print each month, and maybe one or two subscriptions to your absolute favourite creators.

You feel sad that you can't get more, and that you can't support all of the creators that you love,

but what can you do?

You join the Communal Tribe!

"What is the Communal Tribe?" I hear you asking.

It's the monthly subscription of choice for people that want to experience the full range of fantastic TTRPG models that the 3D printing community has to offer, and support all of the amazing creators working tirelessly to make these models for you to enjoy.

If you'd rather be limited by how much time you have available to print, paint and play, rather than by the size of your bank account, then this is the subscription for you!

The Communal Tribe is a joint effort by a group of 3D artists that want to work together to give you the largest selection of monthly models that it's possible to get (and for a reasonable price too!)

Each month, you'll get the files for one model from each creator, with both presupported and unsupported versions, all neatly packaged in a standard format to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you're looking for.

Every creator that participates in the Communal Tribe will get a share of your monthly payment, so you'll be able to support all of them and they can continue to create more amazing models for you to enjoy!

There are currently 20 creators in the Communal Tribe, so that means that you'll get 20 models this month, and even more over time as more creators join in!

Summary of the benefits

  • Lots of models, and more added every month

  • Lots of different creators, and more added every month

  • Lots of different types of artistic style, and more added every month

  • Being able to support every creator at once

"So, 20 models for this month, and more models being added with every release? This isn't going to be cheap!"

You might think so, but you'd be wrong! It's our goal for the Communal Tribe to be affordable for everyone, so that we can share our models with as many of you as possible, and our prices reflect that.

We offer three different tiers for you to choose from:


Miniature Megapack

The full set of monthly models from an ever-growing list of creators!

As the Communal Tribe grows, we get more creators involved, and you get even more models each month!

We currently have 20 creators participating in the Communal Tribe, so you get 20 models this month, worth $84.93 for just $17.99!


Miniature Minipack

Want just a taste of our models? Subscribe to the Miniature Minipack for just $1

to get 5 models, worth a total of $31.28!

The Vault

Get access to a massive collection of models that keeps growing every month! The Vault contains 3 models for every creator in the Communal Tribe!

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Sound like something you'd be interested in?

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