Hi there, glad you found your way here. Are you looking to buy or sell? We partner with creators to offer their content for sale, with 80% of the profit made going back to them to support the creation of even more amazing content. If you're not quite sure what you're looking for, consider joining our Tribe. It's a great way to get a variety of content from a large range of creators, and you might just find your new favourite!

Creators, if this sounds like something you want to be a part of, get in touch! It's as simple as letting us know that you're interested, signing a licence, and then telling us how to get your earnings to you!

An Unbeatable Monthly Release Pack

Are you looking for a huge amount of models, from a wide range of talented creators, while being able to support each and every creator involved, all for a bargain price?

Well, you've come to the right place!

Welcome to the Communal Tribe!

The special thing about us is that our releases grow as the size of our community does, so the more tribers we have, the more creators we work with, and the more models you get!

  • 1 Subscriber = 20 creators = 20 models per release = 60 models in the Welcome Pack

  • 100 Subscribers = 25 creators = 25 models per release = 75 models in the Welcome Pack

  • 250 Subscribers = 30 creators = 30 models per release = 90 models in the Welcome Pack

  • 500 Subscribers = 35 creators = 35 models per release = 105 models in the Welcome Pack

and it just goes on... and on.... and on


Miniature Megapack

The full set of monthly models from an ever-growing list of creators! As the Communal Tribe grows, we get more creators involved, and you get even more models each month!

We currently have 20 creators participating in the Communal Tribe, so you get 20 models this month, worth $84.93 for just $17.99!


Miniature Minipack

Want just a taste of our models? Subscribe to the
Miniature Minipack for just $1 to get 5 models, worth a total of $31.28!


Welcome Pack

When you subscribe to the
Miniature Megapack, you'll be granted access to the Welcome Pack, which contains 3 for each creator that is part of the Communal Tribe.

Wanna know the best part about it? Every time a new creator joins the Communal Tribe, three new models get added to the Welcome Pack, and become instantly available to you for completely free!


Digital miniatures

We've got a wide range of digital STL files that you can buy, if you want to print the models yourself.

Check out our store on MyMiniFactory!


Physical Miniatures

Prefer to have us do the printing for you, and get the finished model ready for painting?

Check out our physical models on our Etsy store!